How Well Do You Know God? (Part 3)

By Tommy Thornhill

Why do men spend so much time and energy denying the existence of God. As pointed out at the close of the last issue, they don’t want anyone to control their lives, they want to do as they please with no restrictions. If they recognize that God exists, and He is as He is described in the Bible, they would have to submit to Him, or face His wrath, and this they don’t want to admit. The Bible bears this fact out. When people denied a knowledge of God they suppressed the truth in unrighteousness, and became futile in their thoughts. Their foolish hearts were darkened and professing themselves to be wise they became futile. As a result God gave them up and over to do as they pleased, and mankind went downhill from there. You can read this more fully in Rom.1:18-32. Even though God removed His restraints because of their rebellion, He would still hold them accountable, whether they believed Him or not. Paul states this in Rom.2:2-3, 4 “But we know that the judgment of God is according to truth against those who practice such things, And do you think this, O man, you who judge those practicing such things, and doing the same, that you will escape the judgement of God?. . .”But in accordance with your hardness and your impenitent heart you are treasuring up for yourself wrath in the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgment of God.”


Having  written about why some  don’t want to know God,  I now want to get back to the

question I posed as I began this series of articles, “How well do you know God?” For those of us who believe in God the first thing we must know is that God not only created the universe and the earth, He also created the race of humans who inhabit the earth. Any thinking person who honestly examines the evidence all around us, can’t help for see that everything in the heavens and on earth works with precision, just like clockwork. One seeing this can’t help but recognize that there is someone who possesses much greater power and intelligence than any human being who has created it all.


I believe this same God that created all these things has also given us a written revelation, the Bible, to tell us the things we need to know about Him and the works that He has done. His written revelation tells us how we got here, and what we are doing here. We are here, and our purpose for being here is to “fear God and keep His commandments” Eccl.12:13. If we didn’t have this revelation we would be like sheep, hopelessly lost with no way to find safety Jn.10:11, 27-28.  We would have no standard of right and wrong to follow. Each generation would be free to make up their own rules. But God’s word, His revealed truth, is the absolute standard Jn.17:17, and we see what happens when men turn from His truth. The fickle mind of man is constantly changing one’s sense of morality, of right and wrong.


Speaking from the years I have been here on this earth (83), I can see how our morals, and concepts of right and wrong have evolved for the worst, especially during the last 70 years since I became a teenager. Jeremiah wrote many centuries ago that man is not wise enough to find his own way Jer.10:23. We might say, we are not smart enough to find our way out of a croker sack (farmer slang for a burlap bag). Without God revealing Himself through His word we would not know of God’s immeasurable love for us, demonstrated by the giving on His Son Jn.3:16. We wouldn’t know that it is our sins that separate us from God Isa.59:2. We would be ignorant of the truth that Christ’s blood can cleanse us from sin 2.Cor.5:18-21. We would be without God and without hope Eph.2:12. The wicked, with no knowledge of God think of themselves simply as a piece of matter, floating around in space, existing for a brief moment of time How sad that people do not seek to know God Ps.10:2; Rom.3:11. What a pitiful existence. That is why it is important to learn as much about God as we can. The more we know of God, the closer we get to Him, and the more firm our faith and hope. Yes, our God is an awesome God, and we should want to know Him more fully. To know about God will lift us out of the gutter.


Another reason who it is so important to get to know God better is so we can learn how to serve Him properly. I have found through the years, that many who are Christians, those we might call regular church goers, but they know little of the God they say they are worshiping. As they grew up, they were taught to pray, to act godly, to want to worship God, but they had little understanding about Him, His nature and His attributes. That is why they engage in a lot of church activities. This lack of knowledge of who God really is, is one of the reasons churches have to build such things as social halls, church kitchens, and a host of other things to attract people. If they had a better knowledge of God, they would not need all these physical things to properly worship God. That is why we need to take the time to learn as much as we can about God. In the next issue we will begin to notice the things we can know. This knowledge will make a world of difference on how we really worship God.  



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