How Well Do You Know God? No.2

By Tommy Thornhill

Previously, when I said the psalmists certainly revealed they knew God, they did, but only in a limited sense. They had a vague knowledge of God, and that is all we have. If one really thinks He knows all about God, he has missed the mark by miles and miles. If anything, we know very little. One can never know God fully. All we can know about God is what He has chosen to reveal to us. God is an infinite being, greater than anything or anyone we can conceive of with our finite minds. Finite means one has bounds, ends or limits, as opposed to infinite which has no boundaries, ends or limitations. So, man as a finite being has limits and boundaries to knowledge and ability, as compared to an infinite God who has no limits or boundaries. His wisdom, power, knowledge and ability is immeasurable and unbounded. As the psalmist wrote. “Great is our Lord, and mighty in power; His understanding is infinite” Ps.147:5. Note other scriptures that affirm His greatness Isa.40:28; Rom.11:33-36; Eph.3:19; Phil.4:7.  

As humans we are limited in our knowledge of God and cannot completely define God, because we can never fully understand Him. But, we must not get discouraged over this inability to explain many of the attributes and actions of God, for His thoughts and ways are not ours Isa.55:8-9. While there are many things God has chosen not to reveal to us about Him and His works, for “the secret things belong to the LORD our God” Deut.29:29. let us rejoice over what He has chosen to reveal to us. The more we learn of Him the more we can appreciate Him, for the deeper the knowledge, the deeper the appreciation. We can develop a deep appreciation for Him even if we can’t know everything about Him. Do you appreciate your physical body? Are you able to explain how everything works in it? Since you can’t explain everything about how your body functions, does that mean you can’t appreciate the things you do know about it? I know I appreciate what I know about my body. It’s the same with knowing God.  

Did you ever stop to think about how things would be if people had no knowledge of God? We wouldn’t know how we came to exist here on earth. It is an indisputable fact that we do exist, but how did this come to be? To me, the most logical explanation is that given in Gen.1:1-2. we are here because God created not only the universe, and the earth, but everything in it, which includes mankind. While it is true the creation story has some questions that man’s finite wisdom can’t answer to everyone’s satisfaction, it is more logical than the theories man’s finite wisdom has set forth.

The atheist and the agnostic try to deny the fact that God created everything, including mankind. They think they can stump the believer in God, by asking the question. “If that is so, who made God?” My reply, “No one. God is self-existent. He has always existed for He is eternal. The denier laughs because he thinks it is foolish to say, “No one made God, He had no beginning.” But, I am not embarrassed by that, I simply ask him, “Tell me, how did matter originate? He hems and haws, but any explanation is foolish.

Two of the more prominent theories (not facts, but assumptions) today are the Big Bang theory and evolution. They are tied together to give a human explanation for our existence here. both of which are full of holes. Their explanations leave unanswerable questions which their finite human wisdom cannot answer. Think of the Big Bang theory that teaches that millions of years ago, there suddenly was a big explosion (the Big Bang) and the universe and the earth came into existence. Where did the matter that exploded come from? What energizing caused it to explode? So, suddenly you have order out of disorder, Then, how did lifeless matter produce life? Science cannot show how all this came to be.

The things true science has established and proven confirm God as Creator. True (not theoretical) science has established the law of biogenesis (life only from life) which contradicts life coming from non-life. Then you have the two laws of Thermodynamics. The 1st law, no more creation of matter. The elements may change form, from solid, liquid, gas, one to the other, but the same elements. No more matter created. The 2nd law is that  everything is changing from order  to disorder (all is decaying or collapsing) instead of expanding, as would be the case in evolution and secular humanism which is glorified atheism. Then you have heredity (the transfer of genes that develop the likeness of the progenitor) as taught in Gen.1:21. The Big Bang theory and evolution contradicts true science in all these areas. The fool has said there is no God Ps.14:1.

Why do men spend so much time and energy denying the existence of God. I guess the main reason is they want to do as they please. If they get to know God, as they should, they will have to submit to Him, and this they don’t want to do. (continued next issue).              



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