Tommy Thornhill

Very few churches remain faithful beyond two generations. How long do you think this congregation will continue to exist? We don’t know, but if it does, WHY? As pointed out at the close of last week’s article I noted Rom.1:21-23. Throughout history when people apostatize, they leave the light of God’s revelation. They may have known God at one time but failed to glorify Him, so they became unthankful. They then become vain in their reasoning, made fools of themselves by changing the One true, living God for idols. In believing the lie of idolatry they became immoral.

What is the solution? Keep the scriptures foremost in life. A lack of knowledge brings failure Hos.4:6; Jn.8:32. The preceding generation is responsible for teaching the next. We read in Deut.31:9-11 the law was to be read every 7 years. So, a child just born would hear the law repeated at age 7-14-21-28-35-42 on and on. If these instructions had been followed, every generation of Jews would know the law, having heard it read so often. In Jesus’ day the elders of the synagogue should have demanded the law to be read and observed. But they didn’t. What about congregations today?

Many don’t want to hear the simple, plain scriptures. They want to be entertained. They like to hear stories, not scripture. They are happier with speculation than revelation. Remember, Joshua told the people to not turn to the left or to the right. Stay centered on the word of God alone. The same is true today 1.Cor.4:6; 1.Pet.4:11; Jude 3. Speak the truth. Love the truth 2.Thes.2:10-12. Don’t allow the word to be perverted or contaminated with error Gal.1:8-9. There is but one true gospel.

People of Joshua’s day should have desired to have the Law read to them. They owed their allegiance to God for all He had done. Instead, they followed their own impulses and forgot God. People today are no different. This is why teachers and preachers must uphold the truth Acts 20:26; 2.Tim.4:1-4. They must not seek to please men, rather seek to please God Gal.1:10. One who teaches the truth is your friend, not your enemy.

Watch for innovations that men want to bring in Acts 20:29. Many people like the ones Paul preached to in Athens want to hear and/or practice something new Acts 17:21. Things that seem harmless can create problems. Christians must remain steadfast 1.Cor.15:58. Always demand the truth, shun evil 1.Thes.5:22-23. Prov.23:23. Don’t let our generation forget God. Don’t let them forget His word or go beyond it.  – end –.                                                                                    

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