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Before answering the question above let me make sure you understand what is meant when talking about a revival. Note the definitions. Revive–1. To restore or return to consciousness or life, to reanimate. 2. To raise from languor, discouragement, depression, to render or become active, operative or flourishing again. 3. To recover from a state of neglect or disuse; to restore; to re-establish.” Revival – a renewed interest in religion, after indifference and decline; a period of religious awakening.” We have the definitions, now let’s look at the question again?

Stop and think. Do I? Do we? Does the church need a revival? I believe a fair assessment is that all of us, both individually and collectively, recognize that we, as God’s people are facing a spirit of decline. From personal observation, and in talking with other preachers, or reading things that are written in articles and bulletins it seems that many congregations of the Lord’s people are experiencing a great wave of indifference, neglect of spiritual things and a declining membership


Many members of the church are letting worldly things (not necessarily sinful) interfere with their first duties and obligations to God to whom they promised full allegiance when they were born again into His family. It is seen in people’s casual approach to service to God. God seems to be in the background as they go through the motions of worship but not with a lot of enthusiasm. There are many areas that could be explored, but since space is limited, I will let you think of ways the brethren just drift along in their lives. Yes, I see a pressing need for God’s people to have a religious awakening? Christians need to let the world know that they not only call Jesus their Lord, but also practice it in the way they live and talk. Don’t just talk the talk, make sure you also walk the walk.

This need for revival is not a new thing. Spiritual decline has always plagued God’s people. Read the OT prophets as they sought to revive God’s people Ps. 85:4-6; Hos. 6:1-2; 14:4-7. The NT writers faced the same problem. They may have used different terms, but they meant the same thing. Let’s note some.

“Awake you who sleep” Eph.5:14; 1.Thes.5:5-8. We all understand sleep as a period of time where one is unconscious or insensible to what is going on around since the body is at rest. In the text it is used figuratively to describe Christians who had become too unconscious and insensible to their spiritual responsibilities, so immobile and inactive in their lives, that they seemed to be unaware that they were in danger of losing their souls. Read and see if the following passages apply Mk.13:36; 1.Cor.11:30; 15:34; Rom.13:11-12. How awake are you?

Another passage about revival is Heb.10:24“Consider one another in order to stir up unto love and good works.” “To stir up” (provoke) is to stimulate, incite, excite, arouse one another. Is this not the idea of reviving or revival? We need to revive each other to live and work as Christians ought to do Tit.2:14; 3:1, 8; 1.Cor.15:58. It might be good if we more often sung the song, “Revive us again.” There are a couple more things I want to consider on this subject, but out of room, so will note them next week.

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