Why No Miracles Today?

by Larry Ray Hafley

         Why are there no miracles today? The reason there are no

   miracles today is not because God’s power is lacking. God

   could, if he chose, provide a young man with a wife as he did

   for Adam (Gen. 2). The fact that he does not do so does not

   mean that he could not. God could feed his people with manna

   from heaven; he could give them water from a rock, as he once

   did (Num. 20:11). The fact that he no longer does so does not

   mean that he cannot. Likewise, the fact that God no longer

   raises the dead or restores missing body parts, as he once did,

   does not mean that he lacks the power to do so today (Lk.

   22:50, 51).

         Some claim they do such miracles as were done in the

   Bible. However, their claims are not supported by their

   credentials. They give testimony but offer no evidence to

   substantiate it. In the New Testament, their words were

   confirmed with signs following, while today those who say they

   work miracles confirm their signs with words following. The

   apostles appealed to their works as proof of their words (Rom.

   15:18, 19; 2 Cor. 12:12; Gal. 3:2-5). Apostates of today appeal

   to their words as proof of their works. Thus, they reverse the

   New Testament process (Mk. 16:20; Acts 14:3; Heb. 2:3, 4).

             Apostles: “Confirmed Their Word With Signs”

             Apostates: “Confirm Their Signs With Words”

         Miracles were performed that men might know whether one

   had the powers he claimed to have (Matt. 9:6; 12:39, 40; Jn.

   10:25, 37, 38). Let those who claim the same powers today

   produce the same proof. They will not because they cannot.

         Why is this so? Why are there no miracles today? First,

   miracles were used in the creation and initiation of the works

   of God. For example, as noted, the first family was formed by

   miraculous means (Gen. 2). Now, families are created according

   to set laws of nature (Gen. 2:24). Miraculous acts occurred in

   the creation of the church and the revelation and confirmation

   of the gospel (Psa. 2:6; Acts 13:32-39; Eph. 1:19-23). The

   church is perpetuated by means of spiritual law (Rom. 1:16;

   8:2; 1 Cor. 4:15; 15:1, 2; Jas. 1:18; 1 Pet. 1:23-25). Second,

   as previously noted, miracles were used in confirming the word,

   attesting to its divine origin. That word, affirmed with

   heavenly verification, no longer needs corroboration and

   confirmation (Gal. 3:15). John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy, and

   Jeffery Dahmer, notorious serial killers, were convicted. Their

   guilt was sustained. Evidence against them was given, proven,

   and established. Their cases need not be tried again. All one

   has to do is to appeal to the case, to the law. Likewise, the

   word has been confirmed. It need not be confirmed again and


         Third, there are no miracles today because there are no

   living apostles to lay hands on men and impart spiritual gifts

   (Acts 8:18). Philip could work miracles (Acts 8:6, 13). The

   apostles had laid their hands upon him (Acts 6:5, 6). However,

   Philip could not pass the power to work miracles unto others

   (Acts 8:14-16). Apostles had to be sent to Samaria, where

   Philip was preaching, so that they could lay hands on certain

   ones and impart miraculous gifts of the Spirit (Acts 8:18;

   19:6). It was “through laying on of the apostles’ hands the

   Holy Spirit was given.” Since there are no such apostles

   today, there are no men who can work miracles as Philip did.

         If there are, we stand ready to try and test them to see

   whether they are of God (1 Thess. 5:21; 1 Jn. 4:1; Rev. 2:2).

   If they resist such tests, that ought to tell us something (Jn.

     3:20, 21)!


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