Where Did The Good Guys Go?

By Carey Scott

Once upon a time, not too long ago because I still remember them, some good guys began to disappear. All through my youth into adulthood I was taught to cherish these guys and follow their guidance and instruction.  These guys were appreciated, applauded, encouraged, promoted, cherished, and were known as friends of GOD.  Let me tell you about three of these friends of God.

Respect–This is a quality that should be taught to every child and responsible person alive.  We need to respect our elders, each other, those in authority, and especially God.  Without authority there is chaos.  We were taught to respect the law and those who enforce it.  We were taught to respect our elders and be polite with words such as “yes sir”, “yes mam”, “thank you” and other such phrases of respect.  We were taught to listen to our teachers and principals.  Later we were taught to respect our bosses and those who provided jobs for us to take care of our family obligations.  More than anything, we were taught to respect the authority of the Bible.  Yes, there was a time when most of the religious world followed book, chapter, and verse teachings from the holy word of God.

Another friend was compassion.  We used to come to the aid of others when there was trouble.  Now, we pull out our phones and tablets and video the situation without offering any assistance.  Sadly, there are many videos that demonstrate a lack of compassion for others.  I recently saw a video of a little child getting hit by a truck.  The truck stopped for a second, then just kept going.  Several vehicles passed the little child, and one even drove over the legs of the child.  A few people slowed down to look, but none got out of their vehicle to render aid.  Finally a woman came across the street and pulled the child out of the middle of the street and put her on the side of the road then went on her way.  One of the problems in this world is that most people are so wrapped up in their own little world; they do not have time to consider anyone else. They only pay attention to others if it is to their advantage.  Thousands of people are dying at the hands of extremists around the world, and little is done to stop the carnage.

Another friend was morality.  Sure sin has always been around, and people who sinned have done the same sins since time began.  But there was a general sense of morality.  It was not that long ago that a divorce was a cause of shame to both parties.  There were some things that were avoided simply because they were not morally right in the eyes of society.  This tells us a lot about our current society where immorality is glorified and promoted, and morality is looked down upon.  Isaiah 5:20 “woe to those who call evil good, and good evil”.

You see, these are all friends of God, and when our society began to remove God these friends of His went with Him.  Sadly, very few people hold on to these friends and promote them.  Mostly the elderly are more prone to be involved with these friends.

Until we get more people to invite God back into their life and our society, these friends of God and humanity will continue to dwindle in effectiveness and popularity.  Bring God back before it is too late.  The friends of God will soon follow, and humanity will be better off.



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