How Are You Different?

by Greg Gwin

As the children of God, we are to be different from people of this world (Romans 12:2). We’d like to challenge you to do a little personal evaluation and see if YOU are really different. For example, are you different in the way you:

  • Dress — Too many Christians allow the fashion trends of a godless society to dictate how they dress. When God’s children can be seen wearing swimming suits, shorts, halters and the like, how can we say that we are different from the world?
  • Talk — We’ve heard Christians using swear words, telling dirty jokes, and using other forms of coarse speech. Usually those who do so are seldom found speaking the precious “word of truth”. How are we different?
  • Act — When the people of God go to all the same places and do all the same things that the people of the world do, how can they claim to be different? Many, if not most, of the movies shown today are unfit for viewing by the faithful child of God. Television is full of all sorts of ungodliness. Yet Christians are watching it all and imitating the sinful things they see. It ought not to be so. Smoking, social drinking, dancing, sexual immorality and a host of other sinful deeds are all too prevalent among those who call themselves Christians.
  • Serve God — All of this really boils down to a lack of willingness to humbly submit to God. The majority of people in the world like to give lip service to God, yet they proceed to do as they please. Some Christians are not far behind. They serve God only when it pleases them and only when it serves their purpose – not God’s purpose.

Christian, how are you different? If you are living like God ex­pects you to live, it will become obvious. Others will “think it strange that ye run not with them to the same excess of riot” (1 Peter 4:4).


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