Question: Aren’t the many faiths today the one faith?

Answer: Paul wrote, “One Lord, on faith, one baptism” (Eph. 4: 5). The one faith is the gospel system (Acts 6: 7; Jude 3). Many believe that denominationalism (many different faiths) constitutes the “one faith” of Ephesians 4: 5. They reason that Jesus taught this in John 15. Each branch, they explain, is a different religion. However, Jesus explained that He is the true vine and each individual disciple is a branch (Jn. 15: 1-10).

Denominationalism represents a diversity of divergent teachings. Some say babies are born sinners, hell-bound without baptism (see Matt. 18: 3; Mk. 16:16). Some advocate salvation by merit (cf. Tit. 3: 5). Some teach you must have been arbitrarily predestined to be saved (cf. Jn. 3: 16). Most denominations have embraced the selfish social gospel of entertainment and physical placation (cf. I Tim. 3: 15). Some boldly say there is not just one way (cf. Jn. 14: 6; Eph. 4: 5). Some are now advocating with great pride lesbians and homosexuals in the pulpits (cf. Rom. 1: 21-28). There is a religion today to satisfy any and all sinful proclivities and desires and to pronounce sinners without guilt!

The Scriptures condemn religious division. Beloved, denominationalism, as we know it today, was nonexistent during New Testament times. The older denominations came into existence mostly in the time period of 1601 to 1789 A.D. 

Hundreds are the product of the past 40 years. Whenever religious division existed among God’s people, it was condemned and not tolerated (I Cor. 1: 10-13; Jn. 17: 20, 21; Rom. 16: 17; 2 Jn. 9-11).

Beloved, there was only “one faith” in the first century. You can read about it in the New Testament. We can be scripturally united if we will believe and teach the same creed, the New Testament (Eph. 4: 3-6). We can be just “Christians.”


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