Dee Bowman

       Morality has taken a vacation of late and I’m not sure it’s coming

back.  At least that’s how it seems.  Our society is rushing headlong into a pit of putridity.  It’s almost as if a magnet is drawing it into a maelstrom of disgusting impurity from which it seems unwilling to seek rescue.  The evidence of that fact is everywhere.  There is trouble in the home, on the streets, in the capitals, at work.  Even in some churches there is trouble with what constitutes immorality and what does not.

       Society has decided to determine its own standard of morality.  Today’s moral standard issues in basically two directions: first, in subjectivity, where everyone is his own moral compass

and “nobody can tell me what to do”; and second, in subscription to the theory of Vox populi, Vas dei, which says: “The voice of the people is the voice of God.  Choosing, then, to have an internal code of ethics rather than one that is objective and outside of self, man chooses to believe — both in society and religion — that “it doesn’t make any difference what you believe, as long as you’re honest and sincere.”  That, folks, is not only moral nonsense, it is moral suicide.

       The home has suffered what may well be irreparable damage from society’s choices in this age.  The husband’s role in the home is ambiguous and ill defined.  The wife has ceased to be a

keeper at home and has rather become a vital necessity to the financial stability in many families.  Children, rather than being students, have become administrators in today’s home.  They manage how time is spent, choose the family’s activities, and even dictate clothing styles for their parents.  And they feel no shame when they talk back and argue with their parents.

       We are almost immersed in the necessity for staying young. The home as God defined it — one where the husband is the physical and spiritual head (Eph 5:23), where the wife is the physical and spiritual help-meet (Eph. 5:24)., where parents are in charge of children (Eph. 6:1-3), not vice versa, is rare indeed in this age.  It’s sad to see what today’s family is compared to what it should and could be.

       The erosion of the home as God designed it is  major contribution to the decline of our moral fiber.  The home is the elemental  material from which the fabric of society is woven; when it goes wrong, so does society.  We would do well to see that, and act accordingly.

       Look at some evidences of where this diminishing — and sometimes outright rejection — of the biblical concepts of the home and family have taken us today.  Every moral departure is connected, in some way or the other, to the devaluing and distortion of the home and family.

       There is a growing evil in our literature.  Almost 20% of the magazines begun since 1989 are devoted to some kind of pornography.  Television is filled with suggestive language, pornographic scenes, and sexually explicit inferences.  Did you know that pornography in this country generates $57 billion per year in revenues?  That’s larger than the combined  revenues of ABC, CBS and NBC, more than the combined revenue generated by professional football, baseball, and basketball.  Child pornography alone generates $3 billion annually.  There are an astounding Two billion pornographic web sites on the Internet and 40 million people visit those sites each day (72% of them male, 28% female).  Shockingly, 47% of the people interviewed admitted to being “Christian.”  (Statistics from Family Safe Media). 

Our prisons are full of those who consider themselves “normal,” no different than anyone else, saying that they got caught. In 1978 there were 277,473 inmates in federal prisons; by 1988

the number had risen to 577,474.  Last year there were 2,135,901 persons incarcerated in federal and state prisons in this country (Bureau of Justice Statistics).

       Yet another sad commentary on our times is that 1,370,000 abortions were performed in the United States last year.  45,000,000 abortions have been performed in the US since 1973.  There are 176,000 abortions performed worldwide every day of the year.  (Nobody seems to know how many whales we protected from destruction during that  time).  This indicates that people care more about the saving of whales and other animals and birds, then they do about saving human beings.

       One of the saddest and yet most telling statistics of all is the immense dissatisfaction in this age with how we look.  The dissatisfaction comes of aggrandizing the human form.  Listen to this:  It is estimated that  99% of American women and 94% of American men are not happy with how they look (Leadership Magazine, Summer 1991 edition, pg. 69).  Tell me something, if you will: what in the world are we doing keeping statistics on what people think about how they look?  Ridiculous!  And who has a statistic on how many people are unhappy with how they are?  Is one’s character not more important than how he/she looks?

       Bear in mind that each of these terrible moral tumbles has something to do — in most cases directly — with the erosion of the home and its originally intended family values.  It all begins at the bottom folks.  Sadly, there is not going to be any major turn back to morality and piety until we get back to good homes. And that means getting back to the Bible.  How often do we seek to treat the symptom instead of the disease?  God started it all (Acts 17:28), and He will end it all (Acts 17:30,31).  It’s up to us where we are when it is all over.

       We, the people of God, may not be able to do much to head off the headlong turn of today’s society toward immorality, but we can do one thing:  we can do what we can individually and personally.  We can tenaciously guard the biblical view of the home and family.  We can carefully illustrate the biblical  view of the home and family in the work place, at school, and on the ball field.  We can recommend the biblical view of the home and family to those who don’t have much to do with biblical principles. We can be what we ought to be.  And that will help.

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