Wayne S. Walker

“He which converteth the sinner from the error of his way shall save a
soul from death…” (Jas. 5.20).

     INTRO.:  A song which is in effect a prayer for God to help us in
converting sinners from the error of their way is “Lead Me To Some Soul
Today” (#476 in “Hymns for Worship Revised”).  The text of stanza 1 was
written by Will Henry Hougton (1887-1947).  A Baptist minister, he became
president of Moody Bible Institute at Chicago, IL, in 1934.  The tune
(Loveless) was composed by Wendell Phillips Loveless (1892-1987).  A
businessman, he became director of the radio department at Moody Bible
Institute, and later served as a minister.  The song seems to have been
first printed in one of Loveless’s five volume series “Radio Songs and
Choruses of the Gospel.”

     It appeared in “Tabernacle Hymns No. 4,” published at Chicago in
1941 with the note, “Used by permission of Moody Bible Institute” and
bearing the copyright date of 1936.  Later, the copyright was renewed by
the Hope Publishing Co. of Carol Stream, IL.   For many years this song
appeared as a one-stanza chorus.  Brother Eugene Compton wrote two
excellent additional stanzas which were first published in the Feb. 21,
1974, edition of the “Gospel Guardian.”  The text of stanzas 2-4 in
“Hymns for Worship Revised” was written by Ellis J. Crum (b. 1928).  It
was first published in his 1977 “Special Sacred Selections.”

     The song encourages us to be active in soulwinning.

I. According to stanza 1, we should pray that the Lord will teach us what
to say
 A. Asking the Lord to lead us to some soul indicates that we recognize
the value of even a single soul: Matt. 16.26
 B. Although God doesn’t speak to us directly as He did to inspired men
in the first century who were revealing His word so that they would know
what to say, we should still seek His help in speaking the truth in love:
Eph. 4.14
 C. And there should be no lack of people to whom we can speak, because
people all around us “are lost in sin, and cannot find their way”: Rom.

II. According to stanza 2, we should pray tht the Lord would lead us to
wandering souls
 A. It should be our desire to be led to wayward souls, because he who
wins souls is wise: Prov. 11.30
 B. There are many who like the lost sheep have wandered away, but in
order for God to lead us to them, we need to be out seeking them like the
Shepherd Himself: Lk. 15.1-7
 C. And our aim should be to turn them back to God through the preaching
of the gospel of Christ: Acts 26.17-18

III. According to stanza 3, we should pray that the Lord will help us to
be a good influence
 A. We cannot be true soulwinners if we live in self-righteousness: Lk.
 B. If we’re to be effective as soulwinners, we must live in such a way
that others can see the influence of Christ in our lives: Gal. 2.20
 C. Then, once we’ve made sure that our own lives are right with God, we
can teach transgressors of His way: Psa. 51.10-13

IV. According to stanza 4, we should pray that God would open the hearts
of those whom we teach
 A. God certainly opens hearts: Acts 16.14-15
 B. However, the means by which He does so isn’t some direct operation of
the Holy Spirit, but by the call of the gospel: 2 Thess. 13-14
 C. Thus, our aim in telling others message of salvation from God’s word
is that they might start and continue on that strait and narrow way that
leads to heaven: Matt. 7.13-14

     CONCL.:  The chorus again asks God’s help in overcoming the
obstacles to soul-winning, such as an absence of care, a lack of prayer,
and a hardened heart–both in others and in ourselves.  In a world where
even many of our loved ones, friends, and neighbors are dying in sin,
each child of God should pray every day and say to the Lord, “Lead Me To
Some Soul Today.”

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