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“And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord
Jesus…” (Col. 3.17)

     INTRO.:  A song based upon the thought of this passage is “Do All In
The Name Of The Lord” (#416 in “Hymns for Worship Revised” and #551 in
“Sacred Selections for the Church”).  The text was written and the tune
was composed both by Austin Taylor (1881-1973).  Born at Morgantown, KY,
Taylor moved with his family to Sherman, TX, in 1890 and spent much of
his adult life in Uvalde, TX.   A well known songleader and music teacher
among churches of Christ, he published some 25 songbooks and around 200
hymns beginning in 1905.  “Do All In The Name Of The Lord” was
copyrighted in 1916.  I did not know brother Taylor, but my good friend,
the late Robert C. Welch, did know him, having preached regularly in
Uvalde, TX, for a few years.  In the Jan., 2000, issue of “Faith and
Facts,” brother Welch wrote a tribute to Taylor and said, “He once told
me that of all his songs which others requested to publish, the most
popular which was among the Oneness people, was ‘Do All in the Name of
the Lord’….That is not what he had in mind as he wrote it, but that is
what they made of it.  They had in mind: only in the name of the Lord.”

     Some of the older songbooks in my collection where the song was
found include the 1927 “Sweeter Than All Songs” edited by C. M. Pullias
for the Gospel Advocate Co.; the 1940 “Complete Christian Hymnal” edited
by Marion Davis; the 1944 “Gospel Songs and Hymns” edited by Will W.
Slater; and the 1944 “The New Wonderful Songs” edited by Thomas S. Cobb
and G. H. P. Showalter for the Firm Foundation Publishing House.  It was
not used in either of the popular “Great Songs” or “Christian Hymns”
series of hymnbooks.  However, since its appearance in the 1956 “Sacred
Selections,” it has been found in most hymnbooks published by brethren
for use among churches of Christ.

     The song encourages us to make sure that we do only that which
pleases the Lord.

I. Stanza 1 admonishes us to avoid the creeds of men
“Whate’er you do in word or deed, Do all in the name of the Lord;
Do naught in name of man or creed, Do all in the name of the Lord.”
A. We must make sure that the words which we speak are sound words: 2
Tim. 1.13
B. We must also make sure that the deeds or works which we do are
authorized by scripture: 2 Tim. 3.16-17
C. Therefore, we must do nothing in the name of man or human creed
because teaching as doctrine the commandments of men renders our worship
vain: Matt. 15.8-9

II. Stanza 2 admonishes us to avoid worldly greed
“Be not deceived by worldly greed, Do all in the name of the Lord;
The Spirit says ‘in word or deed,’ Do all in the name of the Lord.”
A. It is possible to be deceived in religion: 2 Tim. 3.13
B. One thing that can be a source of deception, even in religion, is
worldly greed or covetousness: 2 Pet. 2.1-3
C. Instead, we should listen to what the Spirit says in the word which
is His sword: Eph. 6.17

III. Stanza 3 admonishes us to avoid world renown
“If you are toiling for a crown, Do all in the name of the Lord;
O do not trust in world renown, Do all in the name of the Lord.”
A. God certainly wants us to toil or work for Him: 1 Cor. 15.58
B. And the reward for which we are toiling is the crown of life: Rev.
C. However, in order to receive that reward, we must not put our trust
in the wisdom of this world: 1 Cor. 1.21

IV. Stanza 4 admonishes us to avoid religious division
“Till toil and labors here are done, Do all in the name of the Lord;
Dear Christian friends, if you’d be one, Do all in the name of the Lord.”
A. For each one of us, our toil and labors will be done at death: Heb.
B. Ultimately, for the whole world all toil and labors will be done when
the Lord returns: 2 Pet. 3.9
C. Yet, till then, all who wish to please God must strive to be one, as
Christ prayed: Jn. 17.20-21

     CONCL.:  The way in which we can achieve this goal, as stated in the
chorus, is to make sure that we
“Do all in His name, Do all in the name of the Lord;
In word or deed as God decreed, Do all in the name of the Lord.”
Acting in the name of the Lord is more than just saying “in the name of
Jesus” whenever we do something that seems good to us; rather, it is
doing the will of the Father, as revealed in His word (Matt. 7.21-23).
Therefore, if we want to serve God faithfully here and receive an eternal
home in heaven, we must make sure that we “Do All In The Name Of The

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