E.R. Hall, Jr.

          No one can deny that the role of women in society has changed. Change does not have to be necessarily good or bad. However, current attitudes in society must not control our understanding of the Scriptures and neither should attitudes of the past generation. It is just as wrong to elevate 1955 American lifestyles to the same level as the Scriptures as it is to allow the present values of society distort God’s teaching. 

          In today’s society the role of women has changed from “submission” (Ephesians 5:22-33) to being in positions of authority. In this area of “headship” we can see an equalizing effect taking place. In the area of providing or “breadwinning”, we see women leaving the home instead of being “keepers at home” (Titus 2:4-5) and becoming more involved in the work place. Thus we see a role reversal taking place wherein women are become the principle provider. In the area of rearing children (1 Timothy 5:14) we see this role being substituted with day care. 

   Instead of God’s word being commonplace we hear such statements as: “The word ‘subjection’ is demeaning and degrading.” “A woman who is a homemaker is wasting her mind for she is a slave chained to the stove, hearing nothing but children’s voices.” We have been told this repeatedly through television and magazines and we are being affected by it more than we are willing to admit. 

   Very few preachers are willing to teach what God’s word says about the role of women for fear of being labeled as bigots or sexists. It is not that God’s word is out of step with the times; the times are out of step with God’s word! In fact, we have gotten so far out of step that it seems strange to hear what God’s word does teach on this subject.  

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