What Will The Coming Year Bring?

Tommy Thornhill

The answer to the title question is very simple, NO ONE KNOWS. We may speculate about it, we may wonder about it, but the truth is we just don’t know. No human being can know what the future holds. Only the great God who created us knows. Only He can see the future. Only He knows what can happen in the coming year, 2021. The coming year, whatever it brings to us will be up to Him since He is the one in control. We just have to wait, and be prepared to live the year one day at a time. Personally, I am glad I can’t see the future. I am fully convinced that if we could have foreseen what the year 2020 was going to be like many would not have wanted to live through it. 

This year, 2020, has now faded away. It certainly has been a troublesome year for us in many ways.  Early in the year we experienced the onslaught of the COVID-19 virus which brought on a worldwide pandemic, creating panic and fear along with death for many. It had been over 100 years since a similar virus, “the Spanish Flu” had created such havoc among people. And the virus is still with us, not yet brought under control.

Another troublesome thing has been the steady rise of ungodliness and immorality that is running rampant through our society. Sins such as fornication, adultery, abortion, homosexuality, transgenderism, pedophilia, that once were kept in the dark are now being openly espoused and practiced, some even legalized by the government. While the world thinks it strange to condemn and not practice such things 1.Pet.4:3-5, real Christians are heartbroken over such travesties, for they know God abhors and condemns these things in no uncertain terms. Read Isa.5:20-21, 10:1; Prov.24:24-25; Lk.16:15; 2.Pet.2:19;


We have also seen here in America, the rise of destruction caused by rioting, violence by organizations such as ANTIFA and BLM fueled by racism (mostly unjustly perceived), ungodliness and hatred of law enforcement. Racism is wrong on all counts. It is sinful. One who knows God and His word knows He is no respecter of persons Acts 10:34-35; Rom.2:11. From the beginning God made mankind in “His own image” Gen.1:26-27. After man decided to build a tower to reach to heave, the tower of Babel Gen.11, God was so displeased He divided mankind into different languages and races, yet all mankind was still of “one blood” Acts 17:26 God still expected humans to treat one another with love and respect as “fellow human beings” since they were all made in “His image.” Jas.2:8-9. Racism (hatred of others because of color of skin or ethnic background is an affront to God and condemned by His word. It is man who made the distinction between races, not God. God is colorblind. No true Christian will practice racism or respect of persons; they will treat others as equals with proper love and respect.

Along with these troubles we are also troubled by a divided political world. Many are on edge about who will be in power in government and what will they do with the power. This is something we don’t know, but whatever it be let us not forget that God is aware of things and He will take care of the troubles in His own way and in His own time.     

Just keep in mind that the Lord has allowed us, as His people, to live through this year so we may continue to serve Him. For this we should be truly thankful. While it is sad that during this year many of us have suffered the loss of family members, loved ones, friends and acquaintances. Some of those who died were prepared to die, but many weren’t. Don’t despair over what may be in the future, just remember that we are to live by faith and by trusting God He will see us through whatever trials and tribulations may come.

It might help us as we live on into the next year, to keep in mind a song we often sing, “Jesus Is Coming Soon”, Notice the words.

Verse 1. “Troublesome times are here, filling men’s hearts with fear. Freedom we all hold dear now is at stake. Humb’ling your heart to God, saves from the chast’ning rod, seek the way pilgrims trod, Christians awake.”

Verse.2. ”Love of so many cold, losing their home of gold.. This in God’s word is told, evil abounds. When all has come to pass, nearing the end at last, it will come very fast, trumpets will sound.”

Verse 3. “Troubles will soon be o’er, happy forever more, when we meet on that shore free from all care. Rising up in the sky; telling the world goodby; homeward we then shall fly, glory to share.”

Chorus. “Jesus is coming soon, morning or night or noon. Many will meet their doom. Trumpets will sound. All of the dead shall rise, righteous meet in the skies, going where no one dies. Heaven bound.”

The year 2020 is now finished. A new year has begun. Pause for a moment, reflect on the fact that the clock of time never stands still, nor does it run backward. It cannot be stored up for future use. “Yesterday is a canceled check, tomorrow is a promissory note. Today is the only cash available.” Use the time wisely Prov.27:1.  

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