Roping a Tame Steer

by Monroe Hawley

One time I read that the hardest kind of steer to rope is the tame one. I expect there is a lot of truth in the state­ment. The steer that runs draws the noose tight that settles over his body. The tame one doesn’t.

The same thing applies in leading people to Christ. Who is the hardest one to win? The person who vehemently argues that he is right when the scrip­tures prove otherwise? NO. The one who, like Paul, kicks against the goad? Not at all. The hardest one to bring to the Lord is the “tame” one. When you speak about the condition of his soul he readily acknowledges that he is wrong. Yes, he knows what God’s word teaches. Yes, he is aware that if he dies in his condition he will be forever lost. And yes, he fully intends to change his situation.

And when will this be? Two different answers are given by those in this condition. There is the procrastinator who affirms that when he has made a few changes he will get right with God. He just postpones the decision.

And then there is the liar. “Liar”, you say? Yes, liar, the most fitting word of which I can think. This person faith­fully promises to “be out next Sunday” but as he speaks he doesn’t mean a word of it. His attitude becomes apparent when the same thing occurs many times.

Why are these two types so hard to “rope”? Well, the pro­crastinator, like Felix of old, is waiting for a more convenient time. He has deluded himself into thinking he will live for­ever. Being “tame” he won’t argue with you so you can hard­ly tie him up with logic. Hav­ing hardened his heart he can hardly be reached with persua­sion.

And the liar – he’s even harder to deal with. He looks you straight in the eye and tells you he will change. Even though you feel that he is lying, you can hardly tell him so. You can’t quite be sure, and if you did he would likely swell up with “righteous indignation” and declare you’d never see him again. So you hope against hope that you’ll see him Sunday. Come Sunday and he isn’t there. No, it’s pretty hard to rope a tame steer.

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