R.L. Whiteside

Do not worry about science. It has its legitimate field, and in its field it has done wonderful things. We reap its benefits and are glad. The average preacher knows little about science, and the average scientist knows less about the Bible.

The claim that science and the Bible do not agree should disturb no one. What is called “science” is not static. Each generation brings new light; most of the old theories have been exploded by scientists themselves. Yet, each generation of scientists boldly announces that science has disproved the Bible.

But it can as easily be proved that science has disproved itself. With all their dogmatism about the Bible and science, there are few theories that real scientists are willing to take their stand on and say: “Here is the ultimate truth; no future discoveries will contradict this.” So long as they cannot afford to affirm that they have arrived at ultimate truth, how can they with honor say that science disproves the Bible?

Besides if the Bible fully agreed with the scientific theories of one age, it would not agree with theories of the next age. The Bible is unchangeable and cannot keep up agreement with that which constantly changes.

Some of the foremost scientists recognize the limitations of science and are firm believers in the Bible. Preach the word! No known truth contradicts the Bible. 

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