Carey Scott

Some things are more important than other things, yet we often do not treat them as being important.

Everybody goes through life with their own set of priorities and think that their world is more important than someone else’s. Often, we place value upon the wrong things.

One might think that the championship game is the most important thing in the world, but for some there are other things on their minds.  Some may be sitting at the bedside of a loved one who is breathing their last breaths. Some may be involved in the birth of a child. Some may be working to provide for their family. Not to mention the billions of people who could care less about a game because they are hungry and poor and destitute.

There are times when we think something is important, yet other things prove to be more important. A person might think himself important and cannot leave work because things would suffer without him. Yet if his child is in an auto accident, he should leave immediately and go to the hospital to meet his child there. At that moment, the child needs the most important person in the world next to them; their daddy.

No matter what you think is important, there is always something more important. That is, until you get to the most important thing of all. Nobody can trump Jesus Christ our Savior and our relationship with Him. Being a faithful Christian is the most important thing you can do with your life. Sure, we cannot shirk our parental and spousal duties here. We cannot shirk our duty to provide for our families. It is foolish if we do not plan for the latter stages of our lives. But all of that will be wasted and useless if you are not a faithful Christian.

We make plans for our future and have great expectations for the future, then find we have a health problem and we may not make it to old age. What do we do then? It might be wise to get your affairs in order and all the legal documents prepared. But it would be best to evaluate your relationship with God. Take care of that first, and then worry about the rest.

We think that good friends are very important people in our lives, and they really should be. But if your friend is not helping you to be a faithful Christian, they are causing you harm. The first thing you should do is to introduce them to Jesus Christ and offer them the salvation that comes through Him. If they are not interested, hopefully you will see that they are not that important for you to have in your life. You need to find other faithful Christians who will encourage and motivate you to do the really important things in life.

When all is said and done and you are standing there before God on judgment day you will realize that it is too late to try to figure out what is really important.

If you do not make it to heaven, you will have an eternity to figure out what was really important. You might consider that you should have, but you will be sorry you did not do those important things while you had the opportunity. Figure out what is really important before it is too late.

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