“Is Nothing Sacred Any Longer?”

By Ken Weliever

We woke up yesterday to the news of another shooting. This time it was following a graduation ceremony in Richmond, Virginia.

Sadly, two people died. One an 18 year old, Shawn Jackson, who had just graduated, and his father, Renzo Smith. Five others were injured in the hail of gunfire.

Mayor Levar Stoney called for prayer and support for those impacted by the shooting. And then lamented, “Is nothing sacred any longer?”

Obviously distraught, angry, and hurting, Stoney paused and repeated, “Is nothing sacred any longer?”

I turned to my wife, Norma Jean, shook my head and answered the Mayor’s question. “No, it isn’t.”

We’re living in an era of post-modernism where the secular trumps the sacred. Where material possessions are more important than spiritual values. Where the intellectuals of our day proclaim, “there are no absolutes,” Where the elites believe the truth is relative. And where our leaders rely on human wisdom instead of God’s Divine wisdom.

Think of how many ways the sacred had been defiled and is disparaged.

#1 Human life is no longer sacred.

Since Roe v Wade became the law of the land in 1973, over 64 million babies have been slaughtered on the altars of immorality, selfishness, and sin. Although the Supreme Court struck down Roe last year, there are still many abortions performed in the United States.

Some in leadership positions believe that abortion can be performed through the ninth month of pregnancy until the moment of birth. Obviously, human life is not sacred to those of this ilk.

The push in recent years to legalize euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide further illustrate that human life is not sacred. It’s based on human reasoning and removes God’s will from the picture.

#2 Marriage is no longer sacred.

The Bible teaches that God ordained marriage between one man and one woman for life (Matt. 19:6-9). Marriage is declared to be honorable and the marriage bed undefiled (Heb. 13:4). However, the acceptance of homosexuality, same sex marriages, unmarried couples and now throuples living together, as well as easy divorce and multiple marriages defiles the sanctity of marriage.

#3 God’s name is no longer sacred.

OMG has become an exclamation both verbally and on social media. To many folks God’s name is no more than a joke word and a byword. Going back to the 10 commandment under the Old Law, God proclaimed His name was sacred and should not be taken in vain (Ex. 20:7).

In the New Testament, both Jesus and the inspired writers warned against the sin of swearing (Matt. 5:33-37; Jas. 5:12). God’s name is to be respected and revered. Not used flippantly or frivolously.

#4 God’s Word is no longer sacred.

The Bible is the last place where national leaders look to define morals, ethics, relationships and daily living. In fact, some religious leaders and church councils have openly defied Biblical teaching in matters of morality, marriage and church doctrine.

Fewer Americans than ever before see the Bible as Divinely inspired (2 Tim. 3:16-17). A Gallup poll last year revealed that “a record-low 20% of Americans now say the Bible is the literal word of God.” This is “down from 24% the last time the question was asked in 2017, and half of what it was at its high points in 1980 and 1984.”

“Is nothing sacred any longer?”

The question is easily answered in the attitudes, actions and lifestyle that is prevalent in our nation today. Do suppose the decline in sacred values has contributed to the increasing violence we see in our country today?

Of course, this is not new. History repeats itself. Both sacred and secular history record society’s decline and the fall of nations when they mock God, defy His Word, and live as they please. Our time may be summarized by the description of the culture during the period of judges. “Everyone did what was right in his own eyes” (Judg. 21:25).

This post may appear to be “ain’t it awful preaching.” But there is help and hope. Sin is the real problem. And the gospel of Jesus Christ is the answer. Christians are called upon to be transformed, not conformed to this world (Rom. 12:1-2). Let us speak the Truth. Share it in love. And live it so that we can truly be “the light” in a dark world (Matt. 5:14-16).

May we ignite the sacred flame in our families, our churches, our communities, and as we go forth into the market place. In the words of the French military commander Ferdinand Foch, “The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.”

So, what about you?  What’s sacred to you?

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