How Many Father Do You Have? 

Tommy Thornhill

For those who use the computer and are on Facebook I imagine you have read of many people who are remembering their fathers. But, while observing  “Father’s Day” very few are remembering our Heavenly Father. Years ago, I preached a sermon with the above title, so in this article I will give a summation of what I said. According to my calculations a person can have as many as four fathers in this life. Think with me.

First, it is an undeniable fact that everyone who comes into this world has at least one father. This is the physical father. God made it this way. Not one person since Adam and Eve has entered into this world without coming in through a conception and natural birth. So, each one of us has an earthly father.

Secondly, after a child is born, he/she begins to grow. At this stage of life, the child h has

“no knowledge of good or evil” so he/she is innocent, without sin Deut.1:39. Some people mistakenly believe a child is born a sinner, inheriting the sin of Adam. This is not true. Until a child is old enough to discern good from evil the child is in a SAFE condition. The child is not lost for he/she has committed no sin since he/she does not really know the difference between good and evil. Every definition of sin in the Bible shows it is an act committed, not inherited 1.Jn.3:4; 5:17; Rom.14:23; Jas.4:17. Sin is by choice, not by inheritance Ezek.18:20. But, sometime during the process of growing up from infant to adulthood, the child learns the difference between good and evil, and invariably chooses to commit sin for “Man’s heart is evil from his youth” (not birth) Gen.8:21. This is referred to as the age of accountability. Because the child has sinned, he/she becomes a child of the devil. This is when one has a second father, the devil Jn.8:44; 1.Jn.3:8.

But God does not want people to remain children of the devil. He wants to be their Father but people laden with sin cannot come into His presence. So, to cleanse people of sin He sent His Son into the world to become a sacrifice for sin, that through His cleansing blood people may be purified and made worthy and acceptable to Him Col.1:12-14. To gain access to the cleansing blood a person is baptized into Christ where one reaches the blood Rom.6:3-5. When this is done God adopts them into His family Eph.1:3-7. They have been born again as Jesus told Nicodemus Jn.3:3-5. This is also the washing of regeneration (baptism) and the renewal of the Holy Spirit (receiving the word) Tit.3:5; 1.Pet.1:22-23. When one has done this the person now has a third Father, the heavenly Father because he has been adopted into God’s family. If you have done these things you can now say you have a third father, the Heavenly Father.

Remember, at the beginning of this article I mentioned one can have as many as four fathers, so where does the fourth father come from. If you are a child of God, you had someone teach you the gospel. This person can spiritually be called your father in the gospel, the one who “begot” you by teaching you the word of God. Paul referred to Timothy as his son in the faith 1.Tim.1:2. Peter called Mark his son 1.Pet.5:13.

So, how many fathers do you have? I have four according to this article. A physical father, then, when I sinned I had the devil as my father, Later, in becoming a Christian I then was adopted into God’s family and He is my heavenly Father. Since I did not learn the truth on my own, someone taught me the gospel and thus became my father in the gospel

If you have not obeyed the gospel you still have the devil as your father and are lost. If that is where you are at this time why not accept Christ’s sacrifice, obey Him so He can be your Savior Heb.5:9. His invitation is still open Matt.11:28-30.  — end —


God’s word teaches us the qualities He expects of good father and songwriters portray some of them in songs we sing. For example, the song, “God Give Us Christian Home” v.2 reads, “God give us Christian homes! Homes where the father is true and strong, homes that are free from the blight of wrong, homes that are joyous with love and song, God give us Christian homes.” Another song, “Train Your Children,” v.2 “Fathers, you must lead the way. Daily teach, and with them pray.” Then the song, “Thank You, Lord, For Homes,” v.2 “Thank you, Lord, for faithful fathers, loving, giving, strong and brave, leading happy households onward, praying for their homes to save for their daily needs providing, willing to correct and stand. Oh, how precious are our fathers! How we need them in the land.” These thoughts portray godly fathers.  

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