Heaven Is Real and I Want To Go There

Tommy Thornhill


Some may not want to admit it, but the soul of man longs for something better than this world. Day in and day out people rise up from their beds and treated to another day of life in a sin cursed world that is disease ridden, strife-filled and war torn. While enduring their days on earth most people have a universal instinct that harbingers something better awaits the soul/spirit in the hereafter. People may call this place the happy hunting ground, nirvana, paradise, heaven, or something else, but regardless of what it is called people recognize there is a life in the hereafter for the souls of all mankind.

By faith I am fully assured such a place exists. If you recall in our worship services we sing songs that convey the idea of a better life after this one. Each of the songs, “Beyond This Land Of Parting,” “Beautiful Isle of Somewhere,” “Beyond The Sunset” and “Beyond The Sunset’s Radiant Glow.” speak to us of a faraway land, much better and more beautiful than we can imagine. Along with the songs, the scripture, Rev.22:1-5, read appropriately described this wonderful land we all long to go when this life on earth is ended. It is the eternal home of the soul, the place we know as Heaven.

But, the sad fact is, while this “beautiful isle of somewhere” “beyond the sunset’s radiant glow”,is the place all long to go to, not all will do so. From the reading of Lk.16:19-31 we learn that when people die, they will all go to Hades (the place of departed spirits) and there await the final judgment. Hades is divided into two parts, Abraham’s bosom, aka Paradise Lk.23:43; 2.Cor.12:4, and Torment. Those who are saved go to Abraham’s bosom/Paradise (a place of comfort), while the unsaved go into flaming torment. All souls stay in Hades until the final judgment, after which those in Paradise will go to heaven Matt.25:46, while those in Torment will be sent to the eternal hell prepared for the devil and his angels Matt.25:41.

Each person’s final destination, whether Heaven or Hell,  is determined by the choice one makes while still alive. Jesus taught this in Matt.7:13-14 when He said man could choose his own destination. He said, “Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction (hell), and many will go in by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life (Heaven), and there are few who find it.” It is sad but true that the majority choose to travel the broad, easy way that leads to eternal destruction (Hell) while only a few choose the narrow, difficult way that leads to eternal life in heaven. If people want to enjoy the place called heaven, they must make sure they are traveling the narrow road that leads to heaven.

Some plan to go to heaven, but delay making the choice of traveling the narrow road that leads to heaven until a later time. They think they are young and have plenty of time, so they can make the choice later in life.  But they do not realize just how fragile life is. James asks, “What is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away” Jas.4:14. King David, using different words states the same thought to Jonathan when being threatened by Jonathan’s father, Saul. “ … but truly as the Lord lives and as your soul lives, there is but a step between me and death” 1.Sam.20:3. Each day we should remember these words and stay prepared for impending death that will strike each of us sooner or later. We never know when or how death will strike us for we are always only a step from dying. Death is always lurking around the corner and many a person living today will not be alive tomorrow with no further time to make the choice of following the narrow road leading to eternal life. As one aptly wrote, “Death and decay, and passing away are written upon the wings of time, and timely things,”

Even though I have never seen heaven or talked with anyone who has been there I believe heaven is real because of what the Bible says about it. Jesus Christ, who came from heaven to become our sacrifice for sin promised, as He returned to heaven, “I go to prepare a place for you” and “will come again and receive you to Myself, that where I am you may be also” Jn.14:3. He was going ”to prepare” a place for His people (those saved by His blood 1.Pet.1:18-19; 1Jn.1:7). Centuries earlier Abraham, through the eye of faith, saw this city built by God in a better country Heb.11,10, 16. The apostle John in a vision saw a door opened into heaven Rev.4, which he later described as “a new heaven,  a holy city, a righteous city where there was no sin, sickness, sorrow or dying” Rev.21:1, 2, 10, 18-21, 23, 27; 22:1-5. It was a place with the tree of life and the water of life, where there would be no night for it was God’s eternal kingdom Matt.25:34; 2.Pet.1:10-11 where He is the blessed and only Potentate, King of kings, Lord of lords 1.Tim.6:15-16. Yes, heaven is a real place, a real city, a real country, a real kingdom, but it is not earthly, it is heavenly, That is why we can sing with such fervor, “How beautiful Heaven must be.” 

No one living has ever seen heaven. No one can know exactly where it is located even though people have tried to find it. The people who tried to build the tower of Babel thought they could reach heaven but their efforts were futile Gen.11:4-8. God stopped them almost before they got started. No astronauts never got high enough to find it. No scientist can build a telescope that will see it. It cannot be seen by the naked eye. It can only be seen by the eye of faith. All I know about the location of heaven is that it is somewhere UP. Jesus was taken “UP” Acts 1:11. Paul was caught “UP” into the third heaven 2.Cor.12:2. The Lord looks “DOWN” from above Ps.14:2. When Jesus returns all the saints will be “CAUGHT UP” 1.Thes.4:17. And I am fully persuaded I will be able to see it if I stay prepared. How about you?

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