Admonitions to Parents of Teens

David Pratt

  1. Always Be Consistent with Teens.
    Don’t compromise your standards just because they wear you down with asking.

    2.   Live What You Expect of Your Teens.
    Don’t expect something of them you are not willing to do yourself.

    3.   Don’t Beat Your Head Against the Wall When You Fail.
    Like adults, teens can be temp­ted. Evil companions corrupt good morals. It takes lots of time, love and understanding to raise up a child in the way of the Lord. When you fail, pick yourself up and go on.

    4.   Don’t Be Afraid to Say “I Was Wrong.”
    Oftentimes that is the hardest thing to do, but parents are human and teens will respect you for it.

    5.   Last, and Certainty Not Least, Pray!
    What parent goes to bed without praying for his/her children? Prayer is one of the most important things to help parents make it through the teen’s years.

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