A Squeak in The Pulpit

by Steve Higginbotham

Recently I read of an entry found in an old church record of a business meeting. It stated: A committee was appointed to investigate the squeak in the pulpit. Upon reading this, I couldn’t help but think that today’s world, even today’s church, desperately needs more than a “squeak” coming from the pulpit. Now, as much as ever, we need the clear tones of the gospel resounding from our pulpits.

We are hearing far too much about churches who are selling out to the culture. The distinctive preaching of New Testament Christianity is seldom if ever heard in some pulpits. Sermons that challenge our morals, expound our doctrine, question our ethics, and rebuke our mediocrity are exchanged for sermons that have an air of religiosity, but are lacking in substance.

In 1 Chronicles 12:32, it was said of some of God’s children that they “understood the times.” There remains a multitude of God’s children who understand the times. They understand that now is not the time for a squeak in the pulpit. There are many godly elders, and godly Christians who are demanding to hear more than a squeak from the pulpit. They have not bought into the idea that distinctive preaching has harmed the church. They want substance over style and flair. They want truth over entertainment. They want biblical authority over pragmatism. And they would rather have the sometimes bitter truth over a watered-down gospel. To put it in the words of John MacArthur, they realize that “the weakness of the pulpit today does not stem from frantic cranks who harangue about hell; it is the result of men who compromise and who fear to speak God s Word powerfully, with conviction.”

There are many challenges that face the church today. If we are to rise up to the occasion and defeat our adversary, we must have a strong pulpit; Pulpits that will speak the truth in season and out of season, with all the love it can muster; Pulpits that will not compromise the truth; Pulpits that do more than just squeak!

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