Everybody Influences Somebody

F. F. Conley


Everyone influences someone either for good or bad. It is impossible for one not to in­fluence someone. There is not a faithful mem­ber of the Lord’s church any place but who can influence someone for good.

There are many members of the church who have friends and relatives that can have a great impact for good. Each member of the Lord’s church has a circle of friends or acquaintances they can influence that no one else can touch, and that imposes a responsibility.

How long has it been since we attempted to talk to anyone about his or her spiritual condi­tion? We see people frequently who are mem­bers of the body of Christ who are unfaithful to the Lord, but not often do we ask, “How is it with your soul?” We talk about the gov­ernment, the weather, the economic situation, but seldom do we really get down to attempt­ing to cause them to think concerning their standing before the Lord.

The Lord urges, “Go out into the highways and byways and bring them in.” How much “bringing in” do we do? It is not necessary to walk down the street with your Bible under your arm accosting everyone you see and at­tempting to get into a discussion on religion. As we quietly go about our daily business there are opportunities to talk to someone about his spiritual situation.

If you know of those you can interest in the study of God’s Word, and feel that you are not capable of doing the teaching there are others who can and will.


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